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What is Free URL Redirection & Free Short URL Service? contains a directory of Free Url Redirection services as well as the following tutorial created to help you understand what Free Url Redirection is and what for you may need a free short url service.

There is also some information about the features of Free Url Redirection services, their advantages and disadvantages. We hope you find it useful

Question 1: What is Free Url Redirection service?

Free URL Redirection service is also known as Free Short URL service,
or Url Redirect, Free Url Forwarding, Free Redirects, Subdomain service, URL Redirections, Free Short Subdomains, etc.

Free URL Redirection services provide their clients with FREE and usually short, catchy and easy to remember web address for their web site that can be used and accessed world wide

And clients can redirect (point) this free URL (web address) to ANY existing website and access this web site through the short URL (short web address) provided, no matter where their website is actually located/hosted.

Question 2: What for do I need a Free Url Redirection service?

As you are here, you maybe already have a web site being hosted by your ISP or by a free hosting provider. And when you publish a website on the web in such way (free of charge), you usually face several BIG "problems":

(1) free web addresses are usually long and difficult to remember, something like this one -;

(2) free webspace providers are usually not very reliable and do not offer useful features, so you probably often change your web hosting providers, and thus your website addess always changes as well;

(3) it is not always possible to obtain a paid domain name, but everyone wants his/her website to look proffesionally

Free Url Redirection services help to solve these problems by providing a short, easy to remember, proffesionally looking, catchy, permanent web site addresses, something like

It doesn't matter where your website is hosted, you can always access it with the free url provided by such service. Usually, it is also very easy to re-point your free short url to any other website hosting provider you like.

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